This is sooo not okay. Two kids in double digits. How does this happen so quickly?

Having a birthday three days after Christmas is tough. I try  hard to make it special so it doesn’t feel like an afterthought.  It’s pretty much impossible to have a birthday party on her actual birthday because of the holidays so we usually have to push that out to January (last year it was February!) I did ask her what her ideal day would be and we tried to create it. She didn’t hesitate and clearly had been thinking about her special day. Her first request was to have everyone sing to her in the morning. She also wanted to make sure everyone acted super nice to her ALL day.  She wanted to go on a special outing with Mom, then  ice-skating with Kate and Sela, and play games in the evening with friends. I pushed everything else aside and the day was hers. Zig and I had to speak in church on Sunday, and believe me, that was looming in my mind all day, but I had done some work on it early in the week and just planned to be up late Saturday night!

We went to PCC to get donuts and then headed to Starbucks. Nina had planned on steamed milk but couldn’t pass up peppermint hot cocoa.
Then we went to Serial Knitters to pick up some knitting supplies she had been wanting.


Sela made her a banner and hung it in her room. She would like everyone to know she is aware the “H” is missing. She was up late making the poster and got carried away with the bubble letters :)


Ice Skating with her bosom buddy, Kate!



So thankful for their sweet friendship.



Hunter and Mason and Maisy and Gracie came over in the afternoon to play games.


It’s been a year of tremendous “growth” for Nina.


DSC_2681 DSC_2682 DSC_2689

We love our Nina so much! She is a ball of motion and energy. She is very thoughtful and loves to make people happy. She is a devoted and loyal friend. She is sentimental and affectionate. She has a special place in our family and leaves a void when she’s not here. Happy 10th Birthday, Nina Olivia!

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  1. Happy Be-lated Birthday, Nina! We actually thought of you all day on your birthday but were at Geoff’s parents where they have no phone, internet or cell reception! Adele had her birthday party today and really wished you could have been there.

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