Christmas Eve was nice and mellow. With all the last minute errands behind me, I was able to relax and enjoy the magic and all the excitement in the air. We went to a Christmas concert at Benaroya Hall in Seattle. Part of the program was a sing-a-long which was really fun. Hearing all the familiar Christmas songs was so perfect for Christmas Eve. The choir ended the night with Away in a Manger. It was a simple, beautiful arrangement. We headed home, had crepes for dinner, watched Elf, and read more Christmas stories. Zig freaked the kids out by showing them how close Santa was on the NORAD app and they promptly hopped right in their beds! Wow, I had no idea that could be such a motivational bedtime tool! Then Zig and I made a huge mistake and stayed up until 3am working on “a few things” and having a Mad Men watching marathon. We paid dearly the next day!








I’m afraid the days of getting a decent looking family shot are over…notice Evan ┬ástaging a photo protest and sulk fest in the background. ┬áRollin chose the week before Christmas to give himself a new haircut and thinks every picture is worthy of the goofball smile. Oh well, this is us on Christmas Eve 2013.

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  1. I don’t know what happened this year, but Christmas came and went and where was I except for preparing for Christmas dinner and wrapping packages, it is all a blur?! Hope I am the only one who felt this way. I did have two wonderful experiences with two unknown individuals by just expressing kind words to them. Made me realize that validating others makes them feel special and we should do it every day of the year to keep the spirit of Christmas with us. Life is too short and it is so very easy to lift another. What a shame to let days go by without experiencing the blessings of reaching out to others. Love to all this Christmas season.

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