2 Weeks Old


This was the second time I left the house. Zig and Rollin were checking out the course for an upcoming SUP race so the rest of us tagged along and hung out at the beach park while they went paddle boarding. Everyone is happier outside so of course Weston was a little dream at his second park outing.








We celebrated Zig’s 42nd Birthday this weekend. All the kids helped prepare a special dinner for him.


Sela set the table.


Sela made dessert and Nina prepped the salad.


Evan’s job, along with slicing zucchini, was entertaining Weston for a few minutes so we could get dinner on the table.


All five kids and Zig. Still feels funny to say we have 5 kids!


We love you, Zig!



Weston is our 5th baby so I felt a little silly having a baby shower but Lisa and Lori would not take no for an answer! They insisted on giving this baby a proper welcome and celebration. I caved and I’m so glad I did! The evening was absolutely amazing in every way and after two weeks of sleepless nights and staying home, I enjoyed getting out and spending time with some of my favorite people. Weston had lots of people to love on him and hold him throughout the evening. Lisa, Lori, Britney and Becky created this to-die-for greek/Mediterranean menu. It was incredible and I still don’t know now they pulled it off. The food was just so good and the setting was perfect. We had afternoon sun and we sat outside on pillows around a table that Lisa’s husband, Dave, made. It was casual and comfortable and I was honestly just in awe of how beautiful everything was.

THE MENU:  Mediterranean Hummus, Spiced Chickpeas and fresh Vegetable Salad, Fried Cauliflower with Tahini, Buffalo Mozzarella with Heirloom Tomatoes, Summer Ratatouille, Marinated Sweet and Sour Fish, Saffron Rice with Lemon, Assorted Breads, Roast Chicken with Saffron, Hazelnuts and Honey, Caramelized Garlic Tart & Summer Fruit Hazelnut Crumble.
IMG_7648uille, IMG_7642   IMG_7225  IMG_7236  IMG_7238 IMG_7240 IMG_7243 IMG_7244 IMG_7245 IMG_7255 IMG_7256 IMG_7258 IMG_7259 IMG_7265   IMG_7282




Oh how I love seeing babies calm down and completely relax when they have their first bath. I always get in the bathtub too because it’s so much easier and comforting for them to be held. Because Weston is still up all night, we take lots of baths in the middle of the night when I run out of tricks to keep him happy. Once I turn the water on, he turns into jelly and is totally chill.

IMG_7146  IMG_7143

Sleep deprived but wouldn’t trade a thing.


Weston had a couple little dry patches of skin on his torso so we gave him a little baby massage with a few drops of olive oil and it cleared right up.


He only liked tummy time for a little bit so I had to finish with him on his side. What a sweetie.



The first time we left the house with Weston he was 8 days old. One of things I love about the midwives is that they come back to the house to check on both the baby and I. I didn’t have to lug Weston to the doctor’s office right after he was born which was so nice. I wasn’t anxious to leave the house even though I had a very easy recovery and felt pretty great a couple days after he was born Our first outing was to Magnuson Park in Seattle. When the weather is nice, we often like to get outside and explore new places or head to a park on Sunday afternoons. Zig and the kids went paddle boarding and I watched from the shore. Weston was calm and happy being outside and overall it was a smooth first little adventure for the babe.

IMG_6991 CSC_0702

Mount Rainier! And Sela :)

IMG_6876 IMG_6879 IMG_6882 IMG_6893 IMG_6902 IMG_6906



This baby is so adored.

IMG_6953  IMG_6989

We have 5 kids. It’s going to take awhile for that to register!